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Now Available: The Seas of Distant Stars

by  Francesca G. Varela

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Agapanthus was kidnapped when she was only two years old, but she doesn’t remember it. In fact, she doesn’t remember her home planet at all. All she knows is Deeyae, the land of two suns; the land of great, red waters. Her foster-family cares for her, and at first that’s enough. But, as she grows older, Agapanthus is bothered by the differences between them. As an Exchanger, she’s frail and tall, not short and strong. And, even though she was raised Deeyan, she certainly isn’t treated like one. One day, an Exchanger boy completes the Deeyan rite-of-passage, and Agapanthus is inspired to try the same. But, when she teams up with him, her quest to become Deeyan transforms into her quest to find the truth—of who she is, and of which star she belongs to.

“A deftly written and thoroughly entertaining novel that showcases author Francesca G. Varela’s genuine flare for originality and narrative driven storytelling, The Seas of Distant Stars will have a very special appeal for dedicated science fiction fans and will prove to be an immediate and enduringly popular addition to community library Science Fiction collections.” 

—Midwest Book Review

“Varela’s third novel spans two planets and 26 years in the life of Agapanthus Caracynth, who is abducted from Earth as a toddler and taken to Deeyae, where she is raised by foster parents as an ‘exchanger.’ Deeyae orbits a red dwarf; its inhabitants were brought from Earth millennia ago by the same alien gods who kidnapped Agapanthus. The Deeyans evolved red skin and compact, muscular bodies, physical differences that make young Agapanthus feel like an outsider. Her Deeyan family forbids her from attempting their rite of passage—a dangerous swim to the neighboring island—but she secretly trains with Aster, an exchanger who’s completed the rite. Varela’s portrayal of a fictional society is imaginative, and it raises troubling questions about the Deeyans, their guests, and their enigmatic gods….”

Publisher’s Weekly

Now Available: Original Syn

by Beth Kander

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About the book: Fifty years after the Singularity, the world is divided into two populations locked in a cold war: Synthetic Citizens, or Syns, human-computer hybrids with extraordinary enhancements and potentially infinite lifespans; and Originals, the individuals who did not merge their bodies with the machines.

But the decades-long battle between Original and Syn is almost at an end, because the Originals are on the verge of extinction. One of the only young Originals left in the world, Ere, knows he might someday be the very last of his kind. But when he meets a beautiful, powerful Syn girl called Ever, he questions everything he’s ever been told about his lifelong enemies.

Original Syn is a rich, dangerous world of family secrets, free will, forbidden love, and all of the unexpected peril that arises when aggressive technology meets stubborn humanity.

“In the future of Beth Kander’s Original Syn, singularity has been achieved, leading to two branches of humanoids: Originals, who are deprived of technological enhancement; and Syns, enhanced humans who are physically ageless and connected to vast networks of knowledge. The two groups oppose each other in perpetual warfare, the origins of which have long been forgotten. With superior technology, the Syns are winning, while the Originals are ever-diminishing in number . . . The novel’s disparate worlds are revealed slowly, and the story is sophisticated enough to engage both adults and teens. The book maintains a taut pace to the end, concluding with a plot twist that turns the tables and stimulates interest in a second volume, soon to come.”

–Foreword Review

“A gripping story whose words pop off the page… humor, love, masterful storytelling… Beth Kander paints a complex picture of the human condition. ‘Original Syn’ is a transformational piece of literature.”

Andrew Slack, Founder, The Harry Potter Alliance 

“ORIGINAL SYN is a heart-pounding book that will keep readers on their toes and turning the page.”

Mia Siegert, author of JERKBAIT



Now Available: River’s Child

by Mark Daniel Seiler

Winner 2016 Landmark Prize for Fiction

About the book: Trapped underground in the Svalbard Seed Vault, Mavin Cedarstrom is rescued by a band of strange women dressed in furs. The Peregrine scout Simone Kita was sent to recover seeds from the top of the world and bring them south to the floating gardens of Kashphera. Conjuring myth and magic, this fun, action-packed novel is a delight. River’s Child is a wild ride into an ancient future. “Imagine Homer and Mark Twain eating peyote with Carlos Castaneda while writing a book together,” ––Seiler writes. “River’s Child is the best summer read since the Rig Veda.” Fasten your seat belt as our spirited heroes ride icebergs from the frozen north, battle wild men, and fall in love while they race to prevent world war.

“Seiler presents a strange and ingenious mix that is part The Road, part Dune. . . This book delivers an inventive and eerie future.”

Kirkus Reviews

“VERDICT: Winner of the publisher’s 2016 Landmark Prize for Fiction, Seiler’s eco-novel is a thought-provoking dive into a future after the dystopia gives way to hope. Strong storytelling makes this a solid choice for book clubs interested in complex characters, environmental discussions, and gender issues.”

—Library Journal

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Call of the Sun Child

by Francesca G. Varela

*Winner for Best First Book in the Moonbeam Book Awards!
**Finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Call of the Sun Child is written in a haunting and beautiful prose. Varela trusts her readers with figurative and poetic language that paints an almost dream-like setting in post-apocalyptic America. Varela does more than write a story, she captures the vague and elusive emotions of Sempra, a girl who must learn to dream of freedom before she can pursue it.

—Regina Sirois, author of On Little Wings

“…A cautionary tale, a coming of age tale… it all asks us the important questions: “Who are you and why do you believe what you do?”

—Steve Davala, author of The Soulkind Awakening

Kodah and Me

by Elizabeth Slayton

*Winner 2016 Nautilus Silver Medal

Elizabeth Slayton has written a touching and uplifting story in Kodah and me. Her illustrations are exquisite and the relationship between the characters are sure to touch your heart. Brilliant work.

—Sandra Ingerman, author of Walking in Light: The Everyday Empowerment of Shamanic Life

It reminds us of the age-old wisdom that to find our way into the circle of belonging we need to listen deeply to ourselves and to those friends that we have come to truly trust. It’s a little treasure of a book.

—Gunilla Norris, award-winning author of Becoming Bread

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